100% Guarantee

X-Ray Coach, LLC will refund 100% of your registration fee with the 6 month and 1 year plans if you do not pass the ARRT® exam. 

In order to offer such an amazing guarantee, there are some policies that must be met for a student to qualify for the money back guarantee. Being successful on the exam is due to many factors. We provide you with every tool and resource possible to be successful, however, it is a team approach. You must put in the time, work, study and comprehend the material. Memorization is not enough! By completing each lesson, quiz and mock exam you will gain test taking skills and be able to critically think through the ARRT® exam.

To qualify for the money back guarantee a student must: 

1. Register for the 6 month or 1 year plan.

2. Take the ARRT exam within six months of graduating from an accredited radiologic technology program. 

3. Completely view all lessons within X-Ray Coach and complete all quizzes, review games and mock exams.

4. Pass all Coach Diagnostics, quizzes and mocks with a score of 75 or higher.  Our unique coding allows us to track your progress, scores and the time you spend on the lessons. 

The perfect game plan for your guaranteed success includes all the resources from X-Ray Coach, graduation from an accredited radiologic technology program AND your hard work!