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About Our Mock Exams


Hands down our mock exams will simulate the ARRT® exam with the EXACT amount of questions from each of the ARRT® content categories.  All of our mocks are online and timed to simulate the actual exam.  The mock exams were written by current radiology educators with over 60 years of experience!

Available Mock Exams

You will have the ability to take 10 mock exams - 6 practice mock exams and 4 randomized mock exams each with 200 questions.  With our random mock you will never take the same exam twice. 

The Features of the X-ray Coach Mocks

Each of the 6 mock exams are made of 200 different questions on each exam.  

Our random mocks are different from any other review company!  Most others will randomly choose questions among a test bank. Our professional programmers designed ours to randomly take the EXACT amount of questions from each section. No random mock will be the same and will simulate the ARRT® exam! 

Each user will have a reports page to view quiz and mock exam results.  From this page you will be able to review each question and have the ability to retake the exam. 

Users can mark a question as "understood", this will allow you to focus on the questions that need more review.

Categories and Total Questions

Each of the mock exams will have 200 total questions from the following categories and the totals as listed below 

33 - Patient Care
21 - Safety - Radiation Physics and Radiobiology 
29 - Safety - Radiation Protection
26 - Image production - Image Acquisition
25 - Image production - Equipment Operation
18 - Procedure - Head/spine/pelvis
20 - Procedure - Thorax/abdomen
28 - Procedure - Extremity 

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